Handmade leather portfolio ring binder

Handmade leather portfolio ring binder


Be Ready for Every Business Opportunity with Noda’s Professional Padfolio.


Be Ready for Every Business Opportunity with Handmade leather portfolio ring binder From your first interview to your 100th international business trip, every business venture requires you to be well-prepared, professional, and equipped with all the tools you need to succeed. That’s where Noda’s Professional Padfolio comes in. Designed to meet the needs of today’s executive-level organizers, the Noda Padfolio is a one-stop-shop for your resume, closing documents, and even your MacBook laptop.

Product Details:

  • Handcrafted Professional Padfolio
  • Italian Leather (Vegetable Tanned)
  • European Craftsmanship
  • Heavy-Duty Zipper
  • Dimensions: 14.56” H x 10.63” L x 1.96” D
  • Dimensions: 37 cm H x 27 cm L x 5 cm D
  • 4 ring binder – 20 mm
  • Model: 1324J

Genuine Italian Leather

Made in Europe, these high-end small business padfolios are vegetable-tanned and chromium-free. In reality, this traditional, artisanal technique uses eco-friendly, natural ingredients like bark, branches or leaves to impart a woody, earthy fragrance and a warm, beautiful colour.

Premier Storage & Support

Besides business card slots, 1 pen loop, clear window for identification, and a spiral notebook section, every leather padfolio has an interior pocket A5, a push-button pocket A4, and a button pocket large enough to hold a MacBook Air laptop.

Time to Get Business Ready

Noda Professional Padfolio planners are perfect for professional business women and men. These all-in-one padfolio planners allow you to get ready for interviews, business travel, important meetings, business trips, and all the other opportunities that come your way. Stay one step ahead of the competition with a Noda professional padfolio designed for today’s business world.


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